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Invite friends.
Collect funds upfront.
Stop awkward conversations.

KttiPay reimagines the way you pay, allowing you to savour moments with loved ones without the stress of bill disputes or money-related tensions

Revolutionising group spending

Our goal is to create a future where organising the crew’s next holiday, that important birthday dinner, or sharing expenses among flatmates is both easy and enjoyable, freeing relationships from the stress of money.

Entering credit card details

Collect Funds Upfront

 Embrace the ability to have accounts for all your group spending scenarios and confidently prepay for your shared expenses

Digital Payment

Spend Money Transparently

Say sayonara to the spreadsheet. See exactly who paid what and when, promoting transparency and accountability within your group


Never Chase Again

Spend less time chasing friends for money and more time creating shared experiences together. The only thing you’ll have left to fight about is the last slice of pizza

Keeping it simple, always


Create / join a virtual kitty

Use the KttiPay App to create / join virtual kitties. Whether it's a longer term kitty (holidays, friends, housemates, couples) or a shorter term kitty (one-off dinners, bucks / hens nights), sharing expenses is (finally!) simple.

  • Group holiday expenses
  • Housemate expenses
  • Short & long-term group spending


Pre-load your virtual kitties

Deposit money into the KttiPay App & pre-load funds into your virtual kitties. All of your kitties & group spending transactions in one easy-to-use app.

  • Instantly deposit money into the app
  • Pre-load funds into your virtual kitties
  • All shared expenses in one app

Spend directly from your virtual kitties

Your KttiPay debit card allows you to spend funds seamlessly from your virtual kitties. Download the card to your smart wallet and spend directly from your group kitties. Never chase people for money again.


  • Download your groups KttiPay debit card
  • Spend group funds, not just your own
  • Make sure everyone has paid their fair share
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